Grandpas Fishing Guide - Lakes, Streams, and Rivers

If you are starting out just find a nice fishing pole you like. Preferably one that includes a mini tackle box. Something like the picture above. You can find one by clicking the link below.

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Starter Kit

Grandpa's Fishing Survival Guide is Packed With Useful Information. It Is Great To Have One In Your Tackle Box, Glove Box, or Just Your Back Pocket. Get yours now! In glorious black and white $7.50 Free S/H

Grandpas Fishing Guide - Lakes, Streams, and Rivers

Grandpas Fishing Survival Guide is here to assist with getting you started in the craft of fishing. Create your own lures, flies, and tackle. With tips, and tricks for fishing lakes, streams, rivers, and freshwater fish areas, there is something for everyone of all skill levels.